How Many Addams Family Movies Are There, Anyway?

There is a fictional household animated movie made by a famous cartoonist, Charles Addams. This movie isn’t just about eerie things, but more about the bonding of a great family. As the name of the movie itself, it is about the two brothers who had a misunderstanding and the one decided to leave. So the movie is about an unusual family waiting for the brother to come back. Though the characters look a bit scary, you will realize in the movie that it is more of a heartwarming story. Each character has charming and fun personalities. I would be happy to stay at their house as a guest.

The Addams Family movie is a series of three. The first one was aired on November 22, 1991. That is where it all started. The film had a budget of five million dollars but having trouble with productions and multiple rewriting of the story and some more issues that came up, the producer needs to go overboard around thirty million dollars as a total budget for the film. That doesn’t come up with disappointment since it hits around a hundred and ninety million dollars on its box office. Two years later came the sequel.

Here is the list of Addams Family movie series and reviews about them:

  • 1991 – The Addams Family. This is one of the best reboots of all time. This movie is like the whole package. There’s a comedy and there’s family love. This is a well-written film and all the character traits, and development; jokes are simple and easy to understand. The effects, the storyline, the characters, and everything this movie contains that you will totally be going to love.
  • 1993 – Addams Family Values. This is just as good as the first one and you will go to love all the cast and crews of the film. This is not only a great movie, but also a great sequel.
  • 1998 – Addams Family Reunion. In this film, the spooky family reunited with their long-lost relatives. However, it becomes clear that the extended family has problems. Still, Tim Curry is the best and he never disappoints. Addams Family Reunion is more entertaining than the new animated movie but that’s not saying much.

To conclude, this movie series is one of the most favorited classical, supernatural fiction that most people way back many years ago and up until now, there are still a lot of people still choosing to watch this movie series than the new ones today.

Believe It or Not, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the Air

Another boring day and you got nothing to do, why not watch some television series that will blow your mind. It’s really hard to decide what to watch since there’s really over hundreds to thousands of shows to choose from. If you’re into some medical kinds of stuff and finding it hard to look for some shows that will satisfy your eye’s craving, worry no more since there’s one television show that surely will make you hooked and you will not going to stop watching it, as you tie already in it.

The problem with watching TV shows for years is you can’t just give up. If you randomly leave the show after a good number of seasons, you will feel like you are wasting a lot of time. Some will give you a feeling like you are watching a television series that has no ending and will make you beg for more episodes each time.

The good thing about Grey’s Anatomy is that it is available worldwide. Even if you are not lucky enough to watch today’s episode, you can still watch it online as there are a lot of platforms that are having the same show that you can watch on replay.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running television series and it is already more than a decade since they aired its first episode. Imagine what else can go that far and still ongoing up until now. Believe it or not, the show is never-ending. It’s like an example of no death and once you watch a single episode or finish an entire season, you will always look forward to another episode like there’s a lot going on in the show.

 Here are some reasons why this TV show is still on the air:

  • You are so used to watching it that you can’t even imagine stopping before the performance. It’s kind of crazy when you think that this event is now in season 16.
  • The show teaches you about medicines.
  • There are so many surprising episodes to look forward to.
  • Each character in this television series has a unique personality and makes someone feel relatable with these characters.
  • The show is presenting so many genres.
  • The story itself is well written.

Besides all the reasons above, because this series takes on hospital settings, then you will see what are the possibilities that occur in the hospital.

Watching Movies Online For Free – Is It Illegal?

These days, many people prefer watching movies from the comfort of home instead of heading to a movie theater. Fortunately, this has become much easier over the years with sites like 123 free movies. It seems like there’s a new online streaming website every day! If you have plans to watch a movie online tonight, you may want to make sure you’re doing it legally. We’re here to help you determine that.

Online Streaming Websites

Online streaming has become more popular recently. Some streaming options, like Prime Video or Netflix are legal—but others aren’t as clear. There are thousands of websites that allow people to stream movies for free. Sometimes, it can seem too good to be true!

Is Online Movie Streaming Illegal?

So, are online movie streaming sites illegal? Movies are protected by international copyright law, which means that they can’t be distributed without appropriate permission. Crimes are committed when illegally distributing movies online in exchange for a profit. However, streaming movies is a different case. Nothing is being sold so no one is purchasing anything protected by copyright law. As a consumer, streaming files online is, for the most part, legal. However, when you stream a movie, a temporary copy of the file will be downloaded to your computer. Technically, this means that you have a possibly illegal copyright material in your possession.

Final Thoughts

Does this mean you need to stop using free movie sites like 123 movies? No, not quite. The law is still pretty unclear about streaming free movies online. Even if you do have a temporary movie file on your computer, the law won’t consider it a violation and you won’t have the police showing up at your door. Good news for you, most sites actually can legally allow you to watch your favorite movie for free.

The Latest From Tyler Perry: “A Fall From Grace”

Tyler Perry is known as one of the highest-paid directors in Hollywood. He is in several films including Madea, Good Deeds, Why Did I Get Married too?, The Single Moms Club, and Gone Girl, to name a few. His rise to fame has been inspirational to many up-and-coming directors, and screenwriters. Many people have followed his success and are keen to know his next projects. His career’s projection is one to look out for and to be admired. And at the beginning of 2020, he has released his newest film, A Fall From Grace.

Newest film

Tyler Perry’s latest film, A Fall From Grace, is Netflix’s newest addition to its vast selection of films. Similar to Perry’s films, which are within the same genre, this film is about mystery, horror, and the tragedy that has come upon the protagonist’s life, Grace Waters, played by Crystal Fox.

Grace is introduced as an inmate at the beginning of the film. She is visited by Jasmine Bryant, a public defender. Grace is accused of murdering her husband, Shannon, played by Mehcad Brooks and insists on pleading guilty. However, Jasmine finds a few questionable things on the case, and she is not convinced that Grace was guilty. Jasmine is pushed to research more. Her colleagues are also convinced that Grace is innocent. They decided to revisit her and ask Grace to recount the event that had transpired between her and Shannon.

In a flashback, Grace is a middle-aged black woman who is living the average life. She meets a man, though younger than her, they fall in love, and finally, get married.

After getting married, Grace notices the little things that seemed off about her husband. He is suddenly cold, manipulative, and aloof. She did not see this at first but later realized that he had probably kept her in the dark all along.

But things turn awry when Grace goes to her office, and her colleagues informed her that money was taken from the company. And all of it was accessed through her account. The tension between Grace and her husband escalates, and the scenario turns from bad to worse.

Domestic horror depicted on films

The horror that is very apparent in this Tyler Perry film is that it can happen to anyone. A person you trust the most betrays you after all you have been through. And the aftermath of the tragedy is where the real horror is.

It Looks Like The First Season Of HBO’s “Watchmen” Will Be The Last

Watching television series is considered to be one of the most relaxing pastimes that people enjoy these days. You can find lots of resources on the internet which means you can enjoy watching anytime and anywhere you are through your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. With the options you have, you’ll definitely find that one that suits your taste. You can even look for a TV series that you can watch with your family which can be a perfect way for you to spend time with them during the weekends.

Are You Looking for a TV Series about Superheroes

One of the genres of TV series or even in movies that will never go out of style is about superheroes. Despite the fact that everyone gets old, they will still have that child-like feelings. No wonder why TV series and movies about superheroes are perfect for both kids and adults. One great TV series that you might have watched in HBO is the “Watchmen.” But unlike other TV series that often gives you a cliffhanger ending so you’ll feel excited for the next season, this TV series was created by Damon Lindelof with a complete story.

With interviews made about the series, Lindelof said that he wanted to end up the series in a way that the watchers could tell a complete story. This is the reason why many people think that the first season will be its last. To those who have enjoyed watching the series, for sure they would ask for a second season however the answer of the creator is quite uncertain. In fact, he still don have an idea on where it will be shoot as well as on how to make the second season works like the first part.

The future of the Watchmen is still a mystery to everyone. Lindelof even feels great if ever that someone would do the second season of the series. He said that he would definitely watch it. With the success of the series, you can’t blame people why they would want a second part of it. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to get a direct answer from the creator regrading the second season. You’ll just have to wait for Lindelof to get it started or someone who has the interest to do the second part of the series which is something that also gives excitement to Lindelof.   

How Does Netflix Get So Many New Movies And Shows?

One of the most famous online streaming services in the world is Netflix. The content on this website is endless. The movies are divided into genres, and it has all the genres available – action, thriller, suspense, psychological, drama, crime, comedy, romance, documentary, and family, you name it. Netflix has it. The movies are not just limited to the ones released internationally. There are movies available on Netflix at a limited run. Some of these movies were only released in the US, specifically by Netflix.

Apart from western-produced films, it also boast a catalog of foreign films, all complete with subtitles. The most critically acclaimed movies from France, Germany, Spain, Japan, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries are available on this website except for a few films that are only specially available in particular countries.

This website in not only limited to films. It also has an impressive list of television series from all over the world. Its television series catalog can range from famous Korean dramas to niche British mini-series. Not only that, but the website also boasts an extensive list of anime series that usually spans to about more than 100+ episodes.        

Netflix is reckoned as a giant in our current media landscape. It had only started back in 2007, and by 2013, it has more than 20 million subscribers. They streamed their first show, which was Lillyhammer in 2012, followed by House of Cards in 2013. Its business model of making creator-directed materials was beginning to set a new platform for upcoming creators. By 2017, it has created 1000 hours of original content.

Licencing and chill

With this vast content available on their website, how is Netflix able to stream all these? How do they get the right? Netflix usually partners with content providers for licensing. They do not license the content, but they license the streaming rights for all their content.

There are times that the user cannot find an old movie through Netflix. When the content cannot be found, it is because the content is currently exclusive to another company, the streaming rights are not available, or it is not popular enough to get into the list.

There will also be times that the movies or series that you like will no longer be available on the site. This is because the license has already expired, and it was not agreed to be renewed. Netflix usually evaluates the renewal of a license depending on the availability of the license, popularity of the movie, and the localized factors. 

Surprising: “Little Women” Is A Great Adaptation Of The Book

What is the Little Women Film?

There had been lots of period drama and coming of age film that came out, and Little Women is one of those whom you should never fail to see. It reached the top of the box office, garnered over a hundred million gross income worldwide, and was nominated in selected categories in the 92nd Academy Awards, 77th Golden Globe Awards, and 73rd British Academy Film Awards.

The film was directed and written by Greta Gerwig. Famous film stars like Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Eliza Scanlen, Florence Pugh, Laura Dern, Tracy Letts, Timothée Chalamet, Bob Odenkirk, Chris Cooper, James Norton, Louis Garrel, and Meryl Streep are in this movie. It was released last December 7, 2019, in theatres.

A great adaptation from a book

The film was actually the seventh adaptation of the Little Women novel written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868. The movie centers its focus on the four March sisters, namely, Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo. Based on its original novel source, the film focuses on their life passing from childhood until they reached womanhood. Jo, one of the sisters, is an author, where the story also focuses on her and her three sisters.

Because the story centres on their life’s event from childhood to maturity, most scholars would classify this novel as semi-autobiographical or autobiographical creation.

There had been lots of adaptations in the past since the latter was the seventh. In the United States, there were already four adaptations made between 1950 and 1979 for television. But actually, there were already several adaptations from late 1910 up to the ’50s. It seems that every decade, it has been most loved by audiences as different generations of stars portrayed the role of the four March sisters.

Who are these Little Women?

For those who have read the book, you will understand why the writer gave this title. As mentioned earlier, the novel is a semi-autobiography that follows the life of these for young women from childhood to adulthood, little when they are children and women when they are adults.

The youngest of the four sisters is Amy, who is portrayed by Florence Pugh. Jo was portrayed by Saoirse Ronan, and Beth, the third-oldest sister, was portrayed by Eliza Scanlen. Emma Watson portrayed the role of Meg, the eldest March sister. She helps out with the finances of the family by working as a governess.