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Watching Movies Online For Free – Is It Illegal?

These days, many people prefer watching movies from the comfort of home instead of heading to a movie theater. Fortunately, this has become much easier over the years with sites like 123 free movies. It seems like there’s a new online streaming website every day! If you have plans to watch a movie online tonight, you may want to make sure you’re doing it legally. We’re here to help you determine that.

Online Streaming Websites

Online streaming has become more popular recently. Some streaming options, like Prime Video or Netflix are legal—but others aren’t as clear. There are thousands of websites that allow people to stream movies for free. Sometimes, it can seem too good to be true!

Is Online Movie Streaming Illegal?

So, are online movie streaming sites illegal? Movies are protected by international copyright law, which means that they can’t be distributed without appropriate permission. Crimes are committed when illegally distributing movies online in exchange for a profit. However, streaming movies is a different case. Nothing is being sold so no one is purchasing anything protected by copyright law. As a consumer, streaming files online is, for the most part, legal. However, when you stream a movie, a temporary copy of the file will be downloaded to your computer. Technically, this means that you have a possibly illegal copyright material in your possession.

Final Thoughts

Does this mean you need to stop using free movie sites like 123 movies? No, not quite. The law is still pretty unclear about streaming free movies online. Even if you do have a temporary movie file on your computer, the law won’t consider it a violation and you won’t have the police showing up at your door. Good news for you, most sites actually can legally allow you to watch your favorite movie for free.