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How Many Addams Family Movies Are There, Anyway?

There is a fictional household animated movie made by a famous cartoonist, Charles Addams. This movie isn’t just about eerie things, but more about the bonding of a great family. As the name of the movie itself, it is about the two brothers who had a misunderstanding and the one decided to leave. So the movie is about an unusual family waiting for the brother to come back. Though the characters look a bit scary, you will realize in the movie that it is more of a heartwarming story. Each character has charming and fun personalities. I would be happy to stay at their house as a guest.

The Addams Family movie is a series of three. The first one was aired on November 22, 1991. That is where it all started. The film had a budget of five million dollars but having trouble with productions and multiple rewriting of the story and some more issues that came up, the producer needs to go overboard around thirty million dollars as a total budget for the film. That doesn’t come up with disappointment since it hits around a hundred and ninety million dollars on its box office. Two years later came the sequel.

Here is the list of Addams Family movie series and reviews about them:

  • 1991 – The Addams Family. This is one of the best reboots of all time. This movie is like the whole package. There’s a comedy and there’s family love. This is a well-written film and all the character traits, and development; jokes are simple and easy to understand. The effects, the storyline, the characters, and everything this movie contains that you will totally be going to love.
  • 1993 – Addams Family Values. This is just as good as the first one and you will go to love all the cast and crews of the film. This is not only a great movie, but also a great sequel.
  • 1998 – Addams Family Reunion. In this film, the spooky family reunited with their long-lost relatives. However, it becomes clear that the extended family has problems. Still, Tim Curry is the best and he never disappoints. Addams Family Reunion is more entertaining than the new animated movie but that’s not saying much.

To conclude, this movie series is one of the most favorited classical, supernatural fiction that most people way back many years ago and up until now, there are still a lot of people still choosing to watch this movie series than the new ones today.

Believe It or Not, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the Air

Another boring day and you got nothing to do, why not watch some television series that will blow your mind. It’s really hard to decide what to watch since there’s really over hundreds to thousands of shows to choose from. If you’re into some medical kinds of stuff and finding it hard to look for some shows that will satisfy your eye’s craving, worry no more since there’s one television show that surely will make you hooked and you will not going to stop watching it, as you tie already in it.

The problem with watching TV shows for years is you can’t just give up. If you randomly leave the show after a good number of seasons, you will feel like you are wasting a lot of time. Some will give you a feeling like you are watching a television series that has no ending and will make you beg for more episodes each time.

The good thing about Grey’s Anatomy is that it is available worldwide. Even if you are not lucky enough to watch today’s episode, you can still watch it online as there are a lot of platforms that are having the same show that you can watch on replay.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running television series and it is already more than a decade since they aired its first episode. Imagine what else can go that far and still ongoing up until now. Believe it or not, the show is never-ending. It’s like an example of no death and once you watch a single episode or finish an entire season, you will always look forward to another episode like there’s a lot going on in the show.

 Here are some reasons why this TV show is still on the air:

  • You are so used to watching it that you can’t even imagine stopping before the performance. It’s kind of crazy when you think that this event is now in season 16.
  • The show teaches you about medicines.
  • There are so many surprising episodes to look forward to.
  • Each character in this television series has a unique personality and makes someone feel relatable with these characters.
  • The show is presenting so many genres.
  • The story itself is well written.

Besides all the reasons above, because this series takes on hospital settings, then you will see what are the possibilities that occur in the hospital.